Why the Irish Love CBD

It may have escaped your notice, but CBD products are taking off in a big way in Ireland as word gets around about the many health supporting benefits they provide. Every day, thousands more in Ireland are choosing to use CBD to stay healthy, with some even deciding to stop using prescribed medication in favour of this natural alternative.

So, it begs the question as to why this is happening and why it’s happening so quickly. It’s a topic we look into now in more detail. By reading to the end, you’ll have a much clearer picture about why the Irish love CBD so much.


Alternative Medicines

As a health-conscious people with long and proud history, the Irish are no stranger to alternative medicines, so it should come as no surprise that many who live there are already aware of CBD and the assistance it provides to the body’s functions. Word has most certainly got out in Ireland that CBD Oils, CBD Vapes and CBD balms are able to support wellness thanks to their innate natural goodness.

When we talk about natural goodness, we mean it and this is because when you purchase CBD products from a reputable company, you’ll typically get one of the purest products on the market. Ethical suppliers of CBD take great care to only use ecologically sound farming methods and a gentle non-solvent based method of extraction, meaning that you won’t find any foreign elements inside - not even at a trace level.


Medical Costs in Ireland

There’s no getting away from the fact that staying healthy in Ireland when using traditional medicines is a costly business. For instance, a typical visit to the GP costs around €50, with prescription medication costing €25 each time some is dispensed. Even vaccinations and sick notes for work carry a charge, so many living in Ireland need to look elsewhere for ways to stay healthy.

This perhaps is one of the biggest reasons why CBD is becoming a popular alternative to prescription medicines in Ireland, as times are tough for many. Including it in your daily routine helps your body’s systems to work better, meaning that your overall level of health is also better and your immune system is better able to stay healthy - meaning fewer visits to the doctor.

When you consider that a single 10ml tincture can last around a month to someone using it daily at a fraction of the cost of conventional healthcare services in Ireland, you begin to understand why uptake of this natural product has been so strong.



CBD is the short form of the full term Cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring element found in the Cannabis Sativa plant (also known as marijuana or cannabis). Now there are some who will immediately dismiss the idea of including something that’s derived from this plant out of principle, but this is most often because they are simply closed off to the idea or they haven’t taken the time to find out more. 

The part of the cannabis plant that’s responsible for the high that it’s famous (or infamous) for is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and there is absolutely none of it in CBD products that you can now buy legally across Europe. This is because it’s removed during the extraction process that turns raw plant matter into the CBD Oils, CBD Balms and CBD Vapes you find legally for sale online today.


Little or No Side Effects

Another massive plus for CBD over the use of conventional medicines is that there are little or no side effects involved. The only known after effect of taking CBD is mild drowsiness and that only usually happens when the dosage isn’t quite right and a slight adjustment the next time you take it is usually enough to remedy it. 

No one is suggesting that prescription medicines aren’t effective, but the vast majority of those who have taken traditional medicines will testify to the fact that side effects are part and parcel of taking them. They can be as mild as constipation when taking codeine to much more serious side effects, depending on which particular drug you’re talking about.


The Endocannabinoid System

One of the reasons that CBD is a much more gentle, side-effect free alternative to prescription medicines is that it is used to support health much more than it is to target specific ailments. CBD works in a much more symbiotic way than prescription meds, as it stimulates the CBD receptors in the body’s own endocannabinoid system. This system is one that every living mammal has and as a result, cannabinoids are found naturally in the body, but in extremely low amounts. 

When you introduce the plant based phytocannabinoids that are found in CBD into your body, they work in the same way as the naturally occurring ones and the body’s systems get a lift as a result. It’s because it works in a way that so closely matches the way our body does already that makes it such an effective supplement for supporting health both in the short and long term.


In Summary

So, we’ve discovered that CBD is an element that exists in nature and that it can be used to great effect to keep us all healthy. We’ve also found out that it costs much less to use CBD to maintain good health than in it does to pay for conventional medicines in Ireland when we get sick. And we now know that whilst CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it bears no resemblance to the drug many wrongly associate it with.

The Irish are a canny, spiritual people who are in touch with nature in a way that puts most of us to shame, so why do they love CBD so? Well, because it makes so much more sense to invest in something that’s going to prevent illness by supporting wellness and good health by providing a boost to the body’s defences in a way that can’t be matched by pharmaceuticals.

For those out there who haven’t yet tried CBD, we encourage you to do so, even just for a short while, as we know from our many customers that this is usually enough to provide the evidence needed that CBD is a wonderful, natural substance that makes you feel unmistakably better.