About CBD hemp balmsare wonderfully beneficial for our skin and body. Because CBD supports our CB1 receptors (which are most concentrated in our skin), applying CBD topically has its own advantages. CBD balms also an option for people who are averse to the taste of CBD oil or pastes.  Potential Benefits Hemp CBD was used as an ancient remedy for several health conditions from sleeplessness to chronic pain. Though research on the replenishing properties of this amazing natural compound are underway, preliminary studies have indicated that CBD shows promise in pain management. Researchers also found that CBD may help regulate sleep, alleviate anxiety and reduce the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne. Usage CBD hemp balm is a versatile product with no hard and fast rules about usage. However, since the product spreads, we recommend that you apply it sparingly until you get used to its consistency. Simply unscrew the lid and take a small quantity of balm. Mix the balm with a standard massage oil or a mild carrier oil and gently apply it on your skin. Massage it on the affected area in slow, circular motions. CBD hemp balm is ideal for joint, neck and back region. Main Ingredients CBD hemp balmsare rich in a cocktail of beneficial compounds such as flavonoids, phenols, full spectrum cannabinoids and packed with skin-friendly essential nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. That is because our balms are made up of natural ingredients. Here are the main ingredients we use to make our premium CBD balm:   Cannabis sativa(Industrial Hemp) seed oil Butyrospermum parkii butter Theobroma cacao seed butter Cocos nucifera oil Cera alba Cannabis sativa flower/leaf/stem extract Glycerin, vitis vinifera seed oil Rosmarinus officinalis extract Vanilla planifolia fruit oil.  The CBD oil and hemp extracts we use in our balms come from organic industrial hemp grown in the heart of the EU. We also extract our CBD by using the gentle yet efficient CO2 method, so our CBD products are devoid of any contaminants, toxins and pollutants. These are not just claims; we get our products batch-tested from independent laboratories so you can check! So, are you ready to try the best hempCBD balmin UK?

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