About CBD vape juicesare an effective and swift way of administering CBD.  While other CBD products such as CBD pastes, oils and balms take their time to work their magic on us because they are either ingested or applied topically, CBD vape juicesare inhaled directly, and their CBD content is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Infused with a dash of exotic citrus, our CBD e-liquids will enthrall your senses. Take some time out from your routine, sit back and enjoy a relaxing CBD-rich vaping session with our citrus vape juices and you will notice the difference! Citrus Range Our CBD vape juicerange features citrus-infused vape oils with varying potencies. If you like your CBD mild, you can opt for 1% concentration but if you like CBD a lot, you can try our 5%. For those who like it moderate we have a standard concentration of 3% available for grabs. Our range of CBD e-liquidscontains zero nicotine. Usage Our citrus infused e-liquids come in 10 ml tincture bottles with mini-pipettes to facilitate dosage and administration. The recommended daily dosage for CBD e-liquids is 1-2 pipettes (0.5 - 1 ml).   Carefully measure out the dosage using the mini-pipette that comes with the product. Fill up your e-cigarette tank and inhale gently. If you are new to CBD e-liquids, begin with a smaller dosage and then build it up gradually. Main Ingredients Imbued with a twist of citrus flavour, our CBD e-liquidscontain the following ingredients:  Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin CBD purified from industrial hemp extract (Cannabis sativa) Citrus Flavor

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