About CBD vape oilsare the perfect way to incorporate CBD in your every-day routine. Our hemp CBD vape oilcollection is for those who like their CBD quick and their flavours original. With hemp infused vape oils, there is no overwhelming clash of flavours; instead, there is just the goodness of organic hemp. Hemp Range This hemp CBD vape oil collection is for you if you like your vape flavours original and minimalist. Our range features three standard CBD concentrations; 1% for those who like it mild or are just starting out with CBD, 3% for moderation-lovers and 5% for CBD lovers and seasoned CBD users looking to build their dosage up. Usage Our CBD vape oilcomes in 10 ml tincture bottles, each of which contains approximately 240 drops of e-liquid that you can use with a vape pen, vaporizer or e-cigarette. Each bottle has a mini-pipette so you can accurately measure out the required dosage and administer it easily.  Main Ingredients Our vape oils have in them all the earthiness of hemp. They also have: Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin CBD purified from industrial hemp extract (Cannabis sativa) Hemp Flavor Our CBD content is extracted from the blooms of industrial hemp grown in the heart of EU. We obtain it using a mix of organic cultivation techniques and CO2 method, so our products are safe and contaminant free. We also get our products tested by third party pharmaceutical grade laboraties for consistency and quality assurance. Happy vaping to you!

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