About CBD pastesare an advancement on CBD oil and since they are naturally processed, they are packed with terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, minerals and vitamins. With their wonderful health promoting properties and numerous benefits, CBD supplement pastes are a great way of reaping optimal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).  Potential Benefits Interestingly, studies have indicated that CBD may have a list of potential benefits. From pain management to anxiety relief, from skincare to sleep regulation, CBD has found several uses. This is far from surprising because even historically, CBD blends and extracts were used as a remedy for pain and sleeplessness.   Usage Add a dash of our CBD pasteto your favorite beverage or take it directly, the choice is all yours.Each paste comes with an applicator to facilitate administration. Remember to wash your hands before administering the paste. Measure out the required dosage using the plastic applicator enclosed in the box. Place the paste firmly between your gum and cheek, use your finger to hold it in place for about 8-10 seconds. After the seconds have elapsed, move the paste in a circular motion, allowing your gum to grab it. If you want to get rid of the aftertaste, drink some water. Main Ingredients Our organic CBD pasteis made up of all-natural ingredients. Here are the main ingredients we used: CBD-rich hemp extracts Cold-pressed coconut oil  CBD pastesby Nature’s Blends retain their potency because we use natural methods and organic ingredients to obtain them.  We extract our CBD from industrial hemp that is grown organically in EU. We focus on each step of our value chain to provide you with nature’s finest. Our CBD pastesare produced from handpicked hemp blooms that are first air dried and then harvested using the efficient CO2 method. The final produce is batch tested in independent laboratories.

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